Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2nd Annual Juried Exhibition Journey's opens March 12th

Judy Johnson-Williams – Trees of Life

Art at the Cheese Factory

announces its 2nd annual Bay Area Juried Exhibition


March 12th - May 31st, 2010

Gallery Hours: Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, 11 am to 4 pm

Opening Reception: Sunday, March 14, 2-4 pm
Featuring End-Game, a Performance by Diana Marto

Curators’ Tour Sunday, April 11, 2-4 pm
With Claudia Chapline & Etta Deikman & Artists’ Talks with Cynthia Handel & others

Closing Event Saturday, May 22, 2-4 pm
Featuring Orchestration, an interactive musical performance with recycled instruments by Aileen McCormack and Monty Monty

The exhibition, Journeys is an exciting look at diverse images and media in Bay area art by 36 artists from 21 Cities, Towns, and Villages. The art was selected by curators Cla
udia Chapline and Etta Deikman, and reflects the physical and spiritual manifestations of life: of humans and other species in interaction with the planet. The movement of the earth and its inhabitants is a dominate theme in this expansive exhibition.

Journeys is sponsored by Jim Boyce, Kris Otis, the Marin French Cheese Company, the William and Claire Isaacs Wahrhaftig Fund and the board of Art at the Cheese Factory (a private non-profit organization supported by volunteers, donations and grants).

Jacqueline Mallegni's "Sky Barge"

The list of artists are posted below and links to their websites are located on the left hand side bar.

For further information Contact:

Claudia Chapline: info@cchapline.com 415/868-2308

Monday, February 1, 2010

Journey's exhibition artists selected

Selected artists: Carol Andrews, Barbara Andino-Stevenson, Gretchen Blaise, Maeve Croghan, Renee Eaton, Rosie Echelmeier, Jaleh Etemad, Wendy Goldberg, Yong Han, Brooke Holve, Gerald Huth, Cynthia Handel, Maru Hoeber, Judy Johnson-Williams, Rebecca Kerlin, Flavia Krasilchik (FIFA), April Lelia, Jacqueline Mallegni, Diana Marto, Michael Mellon, Libby Mills, Monty Monty, Judy Molyneux, Martin Munson, Sarah Myers, Dorothy Nissen, Emily Payne, Mary Curtis Ratcliff, Judy Shintani, Mary Shisler, Patricia Sonnino, Anne Subercaseaux, Phyllis Thelen, Rosa Turner, Stuart L. Wagner, Nancy Worthington.

Opens March 12th!