Thursday, March 26, 2009

REPORT Opening Reception Events

Stunned is the word that captures the response to the opening reception for the Art at the Cheese Factory board and guest curator Patricia Watts. It appears that up to 600 people came to the opening events on Sunday between Noon and 5pm and most likely another 500 people came to the Marin Cheese Factory that did not even know about it. There were families picnicking along side the temporary outdoor installations (these pictures will be posted on the Facebook Art at the Cheese Factory group page soon) outdoors, of which some of these cheese adventurers came back to the old barn/gallery to see what was going on. And, what was going on was a community pot luck and bicycle composting event organized by Wowhaus from Noon till 3pm; a bread bake near the cheese shop where Sarah Klein prepared and baked several rounds and loafs of mostly locally grown ingredients in a beautiful wood burning oven; and to top it all off, servings of various cow and goat cheeses from the Marin French Cheese Company were served by owner Jim Boyce himself! Many visitors came from the greater Bay Area including as far away as Jenner in Sonoma County, Oakland, San Francisco, and other places up to an hour or more away. It was a sunny, cool and windy day with picturesque green hills rolling for miles. It appears the press release worked as the show was listed in most all the local papers, SF Chronicle, and North Bay Bohemian.

We encourage you to invite friends from the city or the country that you have not seen for awhile to meet you at the Cheese Factory to see the show, have a picnic, and enjoy the Terroir!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


March 20 – Exhibition open to the public
March 22 – Opening Reception Events
12-3pm - MIX: Wowhaus Bicycle Composter/potluck (Lakeside)
12-5pm - The Bread Project with Sarah Klein (Cheese Factory)
3-5pm - Wine and Cheese Reception (Gallery)

May 2 – Tour and Tasting Event
2pm - Curator’s tour with Patricia Watts (Gallery)
3pm - The Apothecary with Claudia Tennyson (Gallery)
4:30pm - WEAD Screening of A Sense of Wonder (Gallery)
June 6 - Artist Talk
Noon - Sonja Hinrichsen (Gallery)
June 21 – Last day of exhibition

3-5pm - Closing reception

Open to the public + FREE

Exhibition hours: 12 to 5
Daily Outdoors and Friday, Saturday, Sunday Indoors

Terroir: A Sense of Place
is the inaugural exhibition for an exciting new venue in Marin County at The Marin French Cheese Company. Included are twenty-eight artists from around the Bay Area whose work presents a unique perspective of our relationship with the land. Most people have heard the word Terroir used in reference to describing distinct wine appellations. Originally a French term, it expresses the special characteristics that a specific landscape contributes to growing foods; like the soil, the weather conditions and the farming techniques. For this exhibition, the definition has been co-opted to express the Sense of Place that these artists experience of nature. Their work reveals elemental, cultural, ecological, and social layers that expands on the agricultural characteristics of Terroir.

Both indoor and outdoor works include temporary and permanent installations and interactive events, and photography, painting, sculpture and sound work indoors. Artists include: Adriane Colburn, Ann Weber, Benicia Gantner, Caitlin McCaffrey, Claudia Tennyson, Edwin Hamilton, Emily Payne, James Gouldthorpe, Jessica Resmond, Jorge Bachman, Josh Keyes, Judith Selby Lang, Lawrence LaBianca, Lea Redmond, Lewis de Soto, Mari Andrews, Mark Brest van Kempen, Meadowsweet Dairy, Michael Mellon, Philip Krohn, Sarah Klein, Sarah Pedlow, Sharon Siskin, Sonja Hinrichsen, Susan Leibovitz Steinman, Suzanne Biaggi, Walter Orion, Wowhaus.

Guest Curator, Patricia Watts of ecoartspace

Guest Juror, Sam Bower of greenmuseum