Saturday, August 1, 2009


August 16 - November 29, 2009

Opening Reception: Sunday, August 16th - 2 to 4pm

Curators Tour: Sunday, Sept. 20th - 2 pm

Arianne Z Dar

Peter De Swart
Joe Fox
Tim Graveson
Rebecca Haseltine
Madeline Nieto Hope
Carol Setterlund

Curated by Mary Mountcastle Eubank and
Zea Morvitz

NEW Gallery Hours: 11 to 4 Friday, Sat. and Sun.

This exhibition is funded by the William and Claire Isaacs Warhaftig Fund

The artists in Shaping Matter engage the viewer in a whole body way, partly by their use of material and partly by the way the work moves or lives in the space. They shape materials ranging from found beach wood to recycled fabric and bike tires to cast off books. The work exists in this particular space in a way that ignites not only a visual conversation among the pieces themselves but would also create a subtle, physically engaging response from the viewer.