Friday, May 7, 2010

ADDING ON: Repetition with Variation l June 5-July 24, 2010


Art at the Cheese Factory and Marin Arts Council present

ACF’s First Off-Site / Site-Specific Exhibition

Adding On: Repetition with Variation is an exhibition of six artists: Carole Beadle, Jane Brucker, Nancy Macko, Carol Newborg, Kevin Nierman, and Anne Wolf

Chosen from throughout California, each artist creates large-scale installations or artworks from an accumulation of elements. All of the artists employ multiples that can be installed in diverse ways, allowing for flexibility and response to the installation environment. Some works are created using a process that is cumulative and incremental and is then completed by its relationship to a larger pattern or form. Other works feature subtle modulations and changes to elicit variety. Adding On: Repetition with Variation encourages the viewer to explore these curious differences, much as one might examine found seashells for their infinite variety.

Unorchestrated Saturday 5/22 fron 3-4pm

Monty Monty and Eileen Cormack and YOU in
Unorchestrated: a spontaneous, improvised, interactive musical event with reformed vintage and original instruments.