Monday, October 26, 2009

Donor's Circle Luncheon

Lia Lund serves tomato pie to Vickisa and Laure Reichek

Jim Boyce shows plans for future gallery
Mary Eubank hosts gallery tour of Shaping Matter

Art at the Cheese Factory had its first Donor’s Circle luncheon on October 23 lakeside at the Marin French Cheese Company. Jim Boyce and Kris Otis welcomed 22 supporters of the organization with wine and prize winning cheese. Mary Eubank, curator of Shaping Matter conducted a tour of the exhibition ending with a talk by artist Joe Fox about the sculptures that he created for the exhibition. Six picnic tables were set up by the pond for a delicious lunch prepared by Lia Lund and Kris Otis. It was a beautiful day in thanks for the people who are making Art at the Cheese Factory happen.

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